A different kind of Cabin Crew News!

by Martin Tomkins on June 10, 2016 Comments Off on A different kind of Cabin Crew News!

Welcome to the page for BA Cabin Crew! We are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers and some of us are Cabin Crew for BA, so we are extremely well placed to give financial advice to Cabin Crew as many of us have a foot in both camps!

Tracey & Nicola are both current Worldwide crew and are Protection Advisers so if you see them downroute feel free to pick their brains about the benefits of protecting your family and/or protecting your income from the effects of ill health.

Martin is a Mortgage & Protection Adviser and Worldwide crew so he understands the way you’re paid and which lenders will look at the various elements of your pay which could help you get a better deal.

Neil is our Pensions and Investment adviser and although he’s not crew, he does know quite a bit about NAPS as well as the wider world of Pensions so if you have burning questions about accrual rates and AVC’s etc then please get in touch via the website.

On this page we hope to bring you news, information and products from the world of financial services that may be relevant to you as Cabin Crew. We are a customer focused business so if there is anything you would like to see on this page then please let us know.

Finally, just a note of caution. Any information we put up here is just that..information. It doesn’t and shouldn’t replace personalised advice which is relevant to you. If you see something that interests you then please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and see if it’s appropriate for you.

Thanks and enjoy the site.

Martin TomkinsA different kind of Cabin Crew News!